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State doctoral exam

Once the student completes all the particular requirements defined in his or her individual plan, he or she is entitled to apply for the final state exam. This application shall be submitted to the dean’s office at least two months before the desired date of the exam. The dean then specifies the final date and designates the members of the examination committee.

Similarly, once all the particular requirements are accomplished, the student may submit his or her PhD thesis for defence. Before this application can be submitted, the student is required to get his or her scientific work certified by the dean’s office (verifying that the student has published at least three papers, two of which as the first author). Together with four copies of the PhD thesis, the student has to submit 15 copies of an extended abstract. The dean will then specify the defence date (no sooner then three months after the thesis submission) and designate defence committee. The designated chairman of that committee designates two reviewers, one of whom must not belong to the Palacky University staff.

Detailed information on both the final state exam and thesis defence procedures are available of the faculty website (or just ask your supervisor).