Department of Organic Chemistry » Admission requirements and application

Admission requirements and application

Requirements for applicants

  • MSc diploma in chemistry or related field
  • Experience in synthesis, isolation and characterization of organic compounds in level of MSc
  • Experience with structure elucidation with use of basic NMR, MS data
  • Communication (both written and spoken) in English

Applying for PhD studies

  • Choose one of the topics listed below or contact any qualified supervisor to discuss an alternative topic.
  • Contact your potential supervisor associated with the selected topic and get a preliminary agreement.

In case of successful preliminary agreement follow these instructions:

  • Prepare all required documents in pdf – PhD application guide is available
  • Complete our electronic application
  • In order to complete the electronic application, you will be asked to pay a processing fee of 690 CZK (approximately 27 EUR) by credit card.
  • Note that application deadline for each academic year (starting in September) is the end of April of the preceding academic year.
  • Be aware that tuition fee per academic year is required

Requirements are checked during the entrance interview. Foreign applicants must prove that their education is equivalent to MSc level at Czech universities, that they are able to communicate in the English or Czech language and that they have been awarded an adequate scholarship or have other financial support.


In case of interest, please contact leader of a Ph.D. thesis by email.