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Information about the programme

Branch of Study Guarantor

prof. RNDr. Jan Hlaváč, Ph.D.


Ph.D. program of Organic and bioorganic chemistry is focused on training students capable of independent scientific research on theoretical as well as experimental level. The graduate is well oriented in the organic synthesis, properties of organic molecules and their application in medicinal chemistry or chemical biology, etc. The graduate has the theoretical background in all areas of chemistry, including laboratory techniques, being able to work with chemical literature and databases, find relevant information, plan syntheses, synthesize and analyze new compounds by using modern methods of synthesis and structural analysis. The graduate is familiar with reaction mechanisms and is able to apply this knowledge in compounds preparation. In practice, the graduates can do research aimed at the synthesis of new compounds and successfully and creatively solve the problems. The graduates find jobs mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Education Aims of the Ph.D. study

The aim of the Ph.D. program of Organic and bioorganic chemistry is the preparation of highly qualified scientists in the field of organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry or chemistry of biologically active compounds. Throughout the courses, students will be introduced to the latest knowledge in the field of organic chemistry and study of their physico-chemical properties, actual trends in the development of biologically active organic compounds and crucial information from pharmacy and chemical biology. Students can focus on the improvement of their knowledge and experiences from the synthetic methods leading to the preparation of various organic molecules, the study of reaction mechanism or transformation of organic compounds. Further, students can aim at the design of organic molecules as ligands for various biomolecular targets, synthesize these structures or isolate them from natural materials, systematically evaluate structure-activity relationships, etc. During the doctoral study, students gain required knowledge for an independent research career and multidisciplinary cooperation, preparation of research projects and the ability to present their results to experts on the international level. The main focus of the study is to work on experiments under the guidance of experienced and qualified university teachers of the Department of Organic Chemistry. During the courses, students will be able to improve their English language skills so that they can communicate, write publications and give lectures at international conferences. The short-term research fellowship is integral to doctoral study.

Admission Requirements

Successful passing an entrance exam.

Profile of the Graduate

Graduates of doctoral study are qualified as chemists with the extended theoretical as well as practical knowledge of organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry or chemistry of biologically active compounds. The gained knowledge predetermines graduates for employment in the state or private instructions oriented to chemical or pharmaceutical industry, e.g. laboratories focused on the development of synthetic procedures, research, and development of pharmaceutical substances and drugs, laboratories aimed at isolation and study of natural products, research and development of diagnostic tools, etc. Graduates have all the prerequisites to become leaders and organizational staff of research teams.

Assumptions of Applicability

Graduates fulfill all criteria for employment in the state as well as private institutions existing in a branch of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Typical positions represent laboratories focused on the development of organic synthesis, preparation of organic substances including drugs, material modification, laboratories focused on the isolation of compounds and study of their structure, laboratories focused on the development of diagnostic tools, etc.

Possible positions

Research and development staff in the field of organic synthesis, diagnostics development or bioanalysis.